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the government, mostly.

Running this game for five years, guess that’s why my feet hurt

drug--money asked: How can you be a communist which is in favor of a very regulatory government and a anarchist which believes in no government? Not trying to be an asshole just wondering


Hey, anarchism and communism are actually really compatible.

Anarchism is an economic and political system based upon removing oppressive and exploitative structures in society (such as capitalism and the state), and building a society where everyone has an equal input into decisions that affect their life.

Communism is an economic and political system based around common ownership of private property (such as factories, fields and workshops), where goods are made available based upon need and ensuring the well-being of all.

The two are not mutually exclusive. Almost all anarchists are, either openly or through their actions, communists, to the degree that anarchism and anarchist communism (aka anarcho-communism, libertarian communism, or communist anarchism) were often fully interchangeable terms. The issue is that a bunch of states (Soviet Russia, China, Cuba, etc) called themselves communist while recreating a class-based society, just with the party leadership on top of the pile, and a state-directed form of capitalism. On the other hand we have a bunch of people claiming themselves as working within an anarchist tradition while following incompatible ideologies (primitivists, nationalists, the anti-moralists in the post-left, even some really zany capitalists call themselves anarchists despite the outcome of their ideologies upholding oppressive and exploitative structures).